Our Security Cameras Catch Thieves – and so do We!!

We have been really pleased to be able to assist Jason Hannah and the Team from the Deck Bar. They have been experiancing a horrendous spate of break-ins over the past twelve months. Eventhough there was a security system in place it did not get the quality of images required nor did it provide an alert via SMS when motion was detected. We installed an ARLO camera system from NETGEAR which is a wireless Camera system. These cameras are battery operated and connected via wifi back to the base station so can be easily moved as needed.

We placed the camera alongside the bottles of alcohol on the shelf and when the break-ins occured the cameras where able to get some great pics of the thieves. On the first occasion the police where able to use the images to indentify and apprehend the thief. On the 2nd occasion by chance staff at Leal Technology noticed a person who looked very similiar to the person in the picture from the previous nights break-in. We called Jason from the Deck Bar who contacted Police and we where able to assist Police by providing the whereabouts of the thief and images the camera took the night before. The Police Officers did a great Job and apprehended the thief and took them into custody.

Our clients are very dear to us and when we are called up to do what is right for them we dont hesitate.

If your business is having issues with break-ins please contact us to discuss – we are here to help.

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